Open Letter


I became a fan of music at an early age, listening to the sounds of my parents’ adulthood while exploring those of my youth. Stevie Wonder rocked me to sleep and Miles Davis walked me to school. RUN DMC and Michael Jackson were my playmates, and I was unknowingly crafted into more than a fan but an appreciator of the only intangible art form we know.

As I grew older, I wanted to be part of creating that experience for others. After a few false starts at being an instrumentalist, I found myself in a pair of turntables, a digital 8-track recorder and eventually multi-million dollar consoles. By sheer coincidence I would begin and end my career in music during one of its most profound times, unaware of its impact. Not everyone in the industry has the privilege of being part of something unique, but somehow I did. I, like many others, did not recognize it at the time, but we were creating the music of our adulthood and the sounds our children will grow with.

Today I look back at everything I experienced and cannot believe I was there for any of it, as both a participant and an observer. There are a multitude of stories to be told by all involved that frame the time period and its essence. That is the inspiration and the goal of this film, to be a verbal and visual history of Philadelphia’s most recent contribution to music.

Yours truly,  

Ray Wilson

The Soul of Philadelphia