New Music: Brave Williams is "Fearless"

The courageous person is associated with a lack of fear. For Brave Williams, this is her mantra, and that is no more evident than within the 30+ minutes of her debut "Fearless". No stranger to the industry, Brave tackles her solo project head-on, and her courageousness pays off exponentially.

A Baltimore native, Brave released her first single from the project in the summer of 2014, co-produced by Philly's own Ivan Barias. The song, "Oooh (Luv Ya)" is primed for summertime success a year later; sharing the sound of a 90's hip-hop classic, she perfectly keeps the feeling of the original track. The remainder of her project is a testament to her personality and positivity. Whether questioning the commitment in a new relationship on "Day & Night", or being challenged about her uniqueness on "Original," Brave keeps her spirits up and the listener never feels sorry for her, finding themselves encouraged. 

With guidance and assistance from fellow Baltimore natives and Philly soul contributors Michael McArthur, Jr. (Mama's Boys/Musiq/Aaries) and Durrell Bishop, Brave is unquestionably on track for success as long as she remains fearless.

Check out Brave Williams' EP "Fearless"  at her website